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IntelliChess  F.A.Q.

  How do I install IntelliChess to my handheld?
Download IntelliChess executable and run it from your desktop computer, then follow the on-screen instructions.

   Problems installing or using
Please send the detailed problem description to If possible, include step-by-step instruction to reproduce it. Do not forget to mention IntelliChess version, your handheld model, operating system and vendor.

   I'd like to play chess online but my handheld is not connected to the Internet

Even if you can't access Internet directly from your PocketPC handheld, you can play on server while your handheld is docked in the cradle. Do the following:

  1. Connect to the Internet from your desktop computer
  2. Connect your PocketPC device to the desktop computer
  3. Open Microsoft® Active Sync® and browse to the Tools / Options menu item
  4. Under Pass through preferences, choose The Internet as the Connection option.
  5. Now your PocketPC device can access Internet using the Internet connection of the desktop computer. Run Intelli Chess and begin a game on the chess server.

   Is Intelli Chess free?
No, Intelli Chess is a commercial software. However, a free time-limited demo version is available here. You can use it for 30 days without limitations.

   I've purchased a copy of Intelli Chess, but my registration key does not work!
Make sure that the very latest trial version of Intelli Chess is installed on your handheld. Because of a new registration key system, older versions may not accept the code.

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