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Why IntelliChess?

1 Advanced and strong chess engine
Intelli Chess engine performs an advanced position analysis in a few seconds.
Take advantage of:
- Three difficulty levels
- Opening book
- Adjustable time control settings
- "Permanent brain" function
2 Chess games over the Internet using chess server

You can log in using your ChessClub username/password.

Internet Chess Club is the longest running and most vibrant chess community on the Internet.

Internet connection required. Online games can be played over wireless connection, or using an Internet connection of the desktop computer (while handheld is docked in the cradle).

3 Two players mode (Human vs Human)
Use your handheld as a chessboard while playing chess with friends!
Save/Load Games
Use full-screen mode for better view
  • Save/Load game (with support for PGN format)
    Save your game and load it later. Share your games using popular PGN (portable game notation) format which is supported by the majority of third-party chess programs

  • Board Editor
    Set up a position on the board, then begin a new game from this position. This feature is especially handy for solving chess problems, or analyzing games

  • Opening book
    Opening books helps the chess engine make proper moves in the beginning of a game

  • Multilevel Undo
    Avoid slip-ups! You can take moves back

  • Hints
    Get a quick hint from Intelli Chess

  • Skins
    Change the appearance of chess board and pieces

  • Resizable chessboard
    Normal and full-screen board views. Switch between them with a single stylus tap

  • Adjustable difficulty levels
    Choose from 3 skill levels (Easy, Average, Best)

  • Adjustable time control settings
    Set time control (time per game or time per move)

  • Pocket PC 2002, 2003 supported

Buy IntelliChess online and enjoy the full version of this Pocket PC chess game!
Fully functional 30-day trial is available for download

conduct online surveys (web app)

server monitoring (web app)

Hot Keyboard
must have shortcut manager (Windows)

Private Shell
advanced ssh client (Windows)

Monitor your servers and web sites 24x7x365

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